Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weight Loss: A Plan

I am sure that I've said it here before but here goes:

I plan to lose 1 pound each and every week.

If I lose more than that, hurrah!!

Today, I weighed in.  I weigh 222.6, down from 232 overall so that's 10 pounds off.  Never to return.

Wednesday of next week, I plan to weigh 221.6 or less.

I figure, if I lose this weight gradually then I will allay my fears of 'sudden' weight loss and the consequences, as I see them, that go along with being slimmer and attracting more attention.

According to the progress bar on the right, I have already entered a 10 pound weight loss some weeks ago ..... but .... I yoyo'd up again to 229 .... so......bear with me.

I think I have my head on straight this time.  I'm ready to commit to a healthier weight and to keep the weight off permanently.  No more yoyo-ing for this gal.

I'm done.

Next weigh in, next Wednesday.


lewmew said...

I'll join you :)

Jerry Critter said...

How do you plan to keep the weight off permanently and prevent yoyo-ing?

The Quest said...

@lewmew ~ Please do! I will post my weight loss every Wednesday so perhaps you can post yours in the comments??

@Jerry ~ I am so sick and tired of being overweight! I plan a combination of portion control, exercise and thinking about why I do the things I do, like overeat. I am a food addict and always will be but I am committing to good health. I hope my efforts will be enough because this is a huge hurdle for me to overcome. I honestly don't think I will lose 80 pounds (which I did back in the 90s) and then gain it all back. My head just wasn't on straight back then.

Jerry Critter said...

Exercise is good. Thinking about why you do the things you do is good. Portion control is more problematic because it may leave you hungry. It is also important to consider what you eat as well as how much you eat. Some food is addicting. As with drugs, you need to eliminate, not just reduce, the addicting foods.

The old saying "You are what you eat" has a strong element of truth to it.

Anonymous said...

Hope this last Wednesday wasn't too terrible, was looking forward to a post from you.

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