Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Evening Ramblin'

Well, here it is, July 1st.  We have made it through June's summer heat, now we tackle July!  I spent some time out in my front garden this evening, cleaning up leaves from a large messy tree that will be cut down in the autumn.  The leaves have been blowing all across the garden, settling in and around the bottom of my plants which means that the plants have not been getting enough water from the drip system.  So, I spent some time scraping leaves away from the base of those plants that look like they are suffering from heat stroke.

We have not been running our A/C (as usual) and the family members who are home from college are on the verge of mutiny.  I feel like a bit of a cheapskate but the reality is, the air conditioning unit we currently have is a dinosaur.  If we even run it for a few hours at night to cool the house off, the electric bill is $400++.  I'm not paying that.  Last month, my bill was $15 and that's without solar panels.  Not bad for an almost 3000 square foot house.  I leave the windows upstairs open all night and the house is open all downstairs in the evening until I go to bed.  The house is quite cool in the mornings and so we will just have to get on with it.  I already asked a contractor to come over and check out the current unit, plus give me a bid on installing a new one.  Verdict: Our current 15 to 20 year old A/C unit is 50% less efficient than the current models and the cost for new is $8000 roughly........  We will have to get through this summer, just like all the others before it, with no A/C.

A friend is helping me in my attempts to lose weight.  She has already lost 60 pounds herself so she knows the hurdles involved in changing bad habits.  The household ban on chocolate, cookies, baked goods, bread, chips, ice cream, candy and processed food in general continues.  The spouse and I are not terrible eaters ..... we don't have the worst cravings for junk food ..... we just eat too much of the 'good stuff'.  A calorie is a calorie, after all.  I have to approach my food addiction the same way I approached my other addictions: slowly but surely.  Keep chipping away at it.

I need to begin setting monthly goals, particularly when it comes to exercise, calorie counting and weight loss because if I don't lick (pun!) this addiction soon, I just may as well not bother.  Time is not exactly on my side and I ain't no spring chicken.  I am exercising regularly and searching for incentives to keep at it.  Like many people, I really don't enjoy the treadmill.  I am meeting up with 1 family member who shows a keen interest in my weight situation in 2 months' time ..... and I will have a house guest for a couple of weeks in September also.  That leaves me 2 months to make a 'dent' in my flab, as it were.

It is becoming more and more important to me to make the effort to look nice for friends and family.  For so long, they have known me as someone who really dresses down.  I spent years dressed in black ..... a decade.  Gradually, since 2009, I've begun to include navy blues, browns and tans into the wardrobe and now, I am wearing much more color.  Just as I used to.  It's a sad state of affairs when one allows other people to ruin one's life because it was indeed another person's actions that caused me to wear only black for so long.  Well, 2 people actually.  Black is a stylish color for sure but it gets old when every single thing in the wardrobe is BLACK:  shirts, pants, leggings, shoes, coats.

I want to be under 200 pounds.  That would be a huge physical AND psychological milestone to achieve because I have a real fear of losing weight.  My fat is a self imposed prison and a barrier to self improvement.  However, in the past when I have lost weight, I have attracted too much of the wrong sort of attention from the males of the species and that attention is not something I welcome or look for.  Causes too much trouble.  At the same point in time, I can't continue on this road either even though overcoming this barrier that I have towards losing weight is hard work mentally.  But ..... I will press on.

In other news, a certain person who I have mentioned here on this blog as a 'damaged someone' that I used to hang out with, drinking in bars, has been sued.  He has been sued by a coworker for sexual harassment.  More precisely, it is his employer who has been sued but I found mention of it online and there was R's name.  At first I was shocked that he could've been so stupid as to basically ruin his reputation and his years as a trusted employee but, at the same time, I know him and I know the accusations are true.  I haven't bothered to contact R to get the low down because I have no desire to kick that sleeping dog in the ass but I am sure that he is staying close to home and trying to stay under the radar.  According to the news article, R has also been guilty of trying to railroad the coworker and, as a result, the coworker is no longer working.  That sucks. I can just imagine how R twisted the situation around and cost the coworker a livelihood because I know just how big of a fucking scumbag R is.  He is a liar, a cheat who thought nothing of sleeping with strange women he met online and then taking it all back home to the marital bed, and a careless egotist.  If only his wife knew the real story of all the whoring around that was going on when R was in my circle of 'friends'....... if I was her, I would want to know.  It is a wonder to me that R never took home an incurable STD to her .... in fact, it's a miracle.  But ... the spouse says to stay out of it and stay out of it I shall.

I am definitely no angel by the way.


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