Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Morning

This past month, it has just been a little crazy around here.

My family on both sides of the Atlantic are driving me nutty.

My sibling keeps calling me to ask me, what are we going to do about mum and dad's hoard?  I have seen the hoard.  I know it's a problem.  A garage stuffed floor to ceiling, back to front with rotten, mildewy furniture and other junk, a barn filled to the rafters with more of same.  My mum never used to hoard when I lived at home, I had no idea what hoarding was.  She kept everything under control and would get rid of unused items.  I have been gone from there for decades now, but things have been done differently in my parents' house over the past 10, 20 years.  They now hold on to everything.

My sibling has no idea just how difficult it will be to get our parents to part with the junk.  My input went thusly: stop stressing about the junk, ask the parents what it is they want to do about the junk, respect their wishes.  Therefore, if the parents want to clean out the garage and barn, they will.  If they don't want to, they won't so move on and find another project, sibling.  My response is not very helpful but ..... I am thousands of miles away and there is nothing I can do about this situation in person.

Stateside, I am beginning to wonder about the spouse's sister's mindset.  Lately, she has become very argumentative which is somewhat unusual.  I mean, she has always gossiped and sniped about people behind their backs but this recent aggression could be indicative of an underlying health issue.  My SIL is 60ish and seems to have undergone a complete character change.  She is now a walking, breathing, talking copy of my dead mother in law.  She is a reincarnation of her mother and it is creepy.  She is wearing the same clothes a 70 year old would wear, she has inflected her speech with the mother's colloquialisms even adopting the same twangy southern accent, and she has this look on her face all the time of bitterness and judgment.  Yep, a carbon copy of my mother in law.  I don't want to be around her anymore and, as I said before, I have pretty much cut her out of my day to day life.  I am done with the D****** family bullshite.

The spouse is fed up with his job and wants out.  He has another year and a half to go and he wonders daily if he has the mental fortitude to do this corporate job for another year and a half.  Constantly, we live with the threat of budget cuts so this problem may very well fix itself, if you know what I mean.  He has just about reached the end of the line and, while he's stressing out and wishing for retirement, I am stressing out and wondering if we are going to be able to work this, financially.


Kay B said...

Sounds like your parents could use some help like those people who are on the TLC tv show hoarders. That show makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if husband's employment ends, you'll be able to make ends meet. You are employable as is he. May not be what you want, but you CAN work. Whatever happened to that "invention" you had going way back? You sold real estate, you can always go back to that. Maybe not out there in Cali, but in another state. You've got skills that would make you employable. Like I said, may not be what you want/choose, but you won't be out on the street homeless.

The Quest said...

@Kay ~ Yes, my parents definitely need help. The problem is, they just cannot be bothered and this is an attitude that I have seen from them for years. They leave their problems untended until they become overwhelming.

@ Anon ~ Yes, we can work. I posted an update on my invention .... It sat on the back burner because of a number of reasons .... I got a bit depressed/busy/overwhelmed/didn't think anyone would buy it. Then a couple of people did buy it and so I got busy. Everything is up in the air as far as leaving this house and moving out of state goes ...... I will get back to regular posting and update.

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